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Marcus Myers at El Garage, Cortes

Photograph by Geff Simpson


Marcus with Peter and the Test Tube Babies

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Trains, Planes and Automobiles!

Phew, still recovering from the Hard Rain trip to Madrid and Barcelona a couple of weekends ago. We were only away a couple of nights, but we managed to pack in a fair amount of travelling. Friday morning started with a drive to Malaga airport to drop off the car, then a train to Malaga […]

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Summer Madness

SO the Andalusian summer rumbles on in a heat haze of siestas and late evenings. Just a heads up to the “Lola Boys” who came up from the coast to play at El Gecko the other week. They went down a storm although personally I don’t remember much which I reckon is a good sign […]

Onwards and sideways

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Onwards and sideways

JUST a quick update. Summer has well and truly kicked in and apart from dealing with the Andalucian heat, I’ve been having fun partying with various visiting freinds and even doing the occasional gig! Thanks to Chris and Syri? at La Casita camping and Thai restaurant last Friday 15th July. We all had a fab […]

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Equis play at author Guy Hunter-Watts’ party

Equis relax after performing at a party for author Guy Hunter-Watts. His new guide The Andalucían Coast to Coast Walk, is a 21-day, 430 kilometer trail through the mountains of southern Spain. Each of the legs is a beautiful walk in its own right, covering a distance of between 16 and 27 kilometres.

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Midnight & the Lemon Boys

Marcus Myers • vocals, rhythm guitar Chris Anderson • bass Mrs Hoggins • drums Nick Sayer • guitar Hi there, this is Marcus, the former lead singer of Midnight and the Lemon Boys and the Kemptown Rockers. I must say, my eyes got slightly misted up reading about all the different bands at that time, […]

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JimeraStock 2009, Bar Allioli, Jimera de Libar

IT kicked off over a quiet beer between a music fan and a musician. Bar owner Paul Darwent and friend Marcus Myers, a  singer and guitarist, were wondering how they could get a bigger gig together in the mountains of the Serrania de Ronda. “And within a couple of months we had organised our first […]

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Hard Rain London – Diamonds EP

HARD RAIN original members – singer, Marcus Myers, guitarist, Bruce Maxwell-Smith and drummer, Steve Phypers – have returned to the studio together to re-record their classic tracks, ‘Diamonds’ and ‘I Will Remember’ with producer Sascha Panknin. The first release from these sessions, under the new banner ‘Hard Rain London’, is a five-track EP available for […]

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Alisha’s guitarist gets career out of attic

WHEN his band split up in the 80s, he never expected to be playing to sell-out crowds 20 years on. But Marcus Myers, whose group Hard Rain had a hit in Spain in the 90s, has been touring the country playing at top venues. Myers, who is most famous for his time as guitarist with […]