Upcoming Gigs

Marcus, orange, gretch

06/07/22LiveAcoustic with MarcusHotel La Fructuosa
08/07/22Live Acoustic La Finca Thai Fusion
15/07/22Live AcousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
17/07/22Private Party - GaucinPRIVATE PARTY
20/07/22Live AcousticHotel La Fructuosa
22/07/22Live AcousticRoman Oasis
23/07/22Live AcousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
27/07/22BIAGRAHotel La Fructuosa
28/07/22Live AcousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
29/07/22Private Party , GaucinPRIVATE PARTY
30/07/22Private Party-San Roque Golf clubPRIVATE PARTY
31/07/22Micro Abierto/Open micVenta la Serrania
05/08/22Live AcousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
07/08/22Montejaque Cultural WeekMontejaque town square
12/08/22Live AcousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
17/08/22Live Acoustic with MarcusHotel La Fructuosa
19/08/22Live acousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
26/08/22Live acousticLa Finca Thai Fusion
27/08/22Private party, DuquessaPRIVATE PARTY
07/09/22Live Acoustic with MarcusHotel La Fructuosa
18/09/22Live Acoustic with MarcusChiringuito Almijara (Pepes)
24/09/22Private Party, GaucinPRIVATE PARTY