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Sunday Afternoon -Las Camaretas, Cortes de la Fra- 26.01.20 – 13.00

December “Puente” “Bank Holiday”

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December “Puente” “Bank Holiday”


Marcus Myers Live Acoustic – 1 November 2012

Marcus Myers Live Acoustic – 1 November 2012 Bar El Andaluz, La Gasolinera


Marcus Myers at El Garage, Cortes

Photograph by Geff Simpson

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Summer Madness

SO the Andalusian summer rumbles on in a heat haze of siestas and late evenings. Just a heads up to the “Lola Boys” who came up from the coast to play at El Gecko the other week. They went down a storm although personally I don’t remember much which I reckon is a good sign […]

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Alisha’s guitarist gets career out of attic

WHEN his band split up in the 80s, he never expected to be playing to sell-out crowds 20 years on. But Marcus Myers, whose group Hard Rain had a hit in Spain in the 90s, has been touring the country playing at top venues. Myers, who is most famous for his time as guitarist with […]