Summer Madness

SO the Andalusian summer rumbles on in a heat haze of siestas and late evenings. Just a heads up to the “Lola Boys” who came up from the coast to play at El Gecko the other week. They went down a storm although personally I don’t remember much which I reckon is a good sign as I rarely seem to have time to let my hair down these days.  Having said that, hangovers and heat don’t go together so maybe it’s just as well!

As I write, we’re coming to the end of our local Estacion de Cortes Feria, which is one of my faves as it is small and perfectly formed. Me and Carmen managed to miss most of the crowds by going on Thursday night, not that I’m particularly anti-social, but it did mean that we had the dodgems to ourselves!

Thanks to Tony and Heather the guv’nors at Fathoms in Sabanillas for the gig last night. They are truly lovely people (and Happy Birthday for next week Heather!)

Oh well, back to a bit of building work for the upcoming week. Mustn’t complain, and it all helps to tone up my slightly sagging abs! But this afternoon I’m free, so I’m off to enjoy what’s left of the Feria and sup some local ale. Maybe a bit late for work tomorrow Andy!

Hasta la vista  x

PS: I mentioned in my last blog that I’d have some music available on my site. Unfortunately I haven’t got it together yet what with one thing and another, but it will be coming soon!

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