Touring with American singer Lissie and her band

ON STAGE: Lissie

I’VE spent a lot of June touring with a great American singer Lissie and her band doing backline.

Sounds like a lot of fun but, and it is.Everybody´s  great and it feels like a familly,but sleeping on the tour bus and waking up in different countries, after hours of driving can make you feel a bit sea sick, especially if you´ve had a few beers the night before!

We’ve been to some strange places – a festival in Nuremburg more famously where Hitler gave all those impassioned speeches. Weird seeing a banner for “Seat” where he stood… I thought that it would have been knocked down or bombed or something. Saw “Kings of Leon”. Big sound!!!!

What can I say about Switzerland? Pretty, but a pint of beer cost the equivalent of 10 euros! Not for me.

The Isle of Wight has changed a lot, since I was last here (a long time ago, so to be expected). Great festival.

Rock Ness was beautiful, but I didn´t see the monster or did I?

Really missed home and my relaxed life in Spain. Or as Del put it “Shut up talking about Spain all the time!”

Well I can’t help it.

Great to come back for a week and see everyone, drinking beer on a Friday night down the Gassy, walking Jezebel down the river at the Cuevas del Gato”. Freezing water, but refreshing, hot, hot, hot. Sipping a pint by the river with Carmen at El Gecko.

Oh well, I’m off for another week of hell touring – well someone’s got to do it!

Ha ha…

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